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The fourth of five websites included in the Workforce Partner project, Banff Constructors - like the others - required a complete overhaul of their existing website. The result was a brand new responsive design.

As with the other websites in this project, the old Banff Constructors website was outdated and was not serving the needs its users. Too many pages with too much information of them - that was the main complaint of the management team at Banff. We would need to build a plan to take the existing 30-some pages and cut them in half, while still preserving the essential company information, and all the while making it easier for users to navigate the site and find the content they needed.

banff tablet version layout

Jack and Grace iPhone layout Jack and Grace iPhone layout

It was of high importance to have a website that was modern both in the look and feel of the experience, and in its performance on a wide range of devices. The Banff Constructors team wanted to draw new employees in with a sleek and modern design, and then keep them satisfied with an easy to use interface.

The result was a clean, simple design with lots of bright green and big buttons for easy navigation. We worked hard to design a content structure that would relay important information to the users, but still be concise enough to remain relevant. Banff Constructors was a pleasure to work with, and we are thrilled with the new website.

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