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Another one of the five websites included in the "Workforce Partner" project, BFI Constructors was redesigned and rebuilt from scratch, launching in winter of 2016.

The management team at BFI had clear intentions from the beginning of the project. They wanted to bring their website up to date with industry standards, and needed to be sure their users could easily access information on their phones.

"Music to our ears", we said, and we set out to create a plan for a new, user-friendly, responsive version of their existing website. Many of the elements of the existing site were modernized and included in the new site, including the detailed project profiles seen here.

bfi tablet version layout

bfi iPhone layout

As with the other websites included in this project, the key was to work closely with the individual management teams to ensure their story was being told properly, and remained unique and separate from the others. The new BFI site is quick and efficient, and performs well on all devices.

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