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The team at Havens USA wanted to bring the an established brand over to the States for distribution. We worked hard to do our part to bring their vision to life.

Havens tablet version layout

The main challenge with this project was integrating a product catalogue into a static, from scratch build without relying on the a full CMS like WordPress. After much deliberation we landed on an integration of Shopify's Buy Button, using Shopify's back end to manage the product catalogue and writing the product pages and information from scratch.

This gave us the advantage of being without the constraints of Shopify's theme files and scripts, and free to build the front end of the shop as we saw best fit.

The whole thing needed to run smoothly on all browsers and screen sizes, as Havens was planning to sell across a broad demographic. Simple, easy, effective. That was the goal, and that was the result.

We worked hard on the search engine side of this project as well, and are proud to say the Havens ranks at the top of Google's results for all of their targeted key phrases. We enjoy working with these guys, and love hearing about their success!

Havens iPhone layout
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