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International Animal Lounge

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IAL manages overnight accommodations, short-term care, and documentation for pets, competition horses, and other large and small animals travelling by plane at the Calgary International Airport.

initial design framework

When the project began, IAL was in the process of starting up their business and jumping through all the neccesary hoops associated with doing so. We met multiple times to discuss their vision for the site and to iron out the questions and concerns that come along with hiring a web developlent company, inlcuding domain registration and hosting, layouts and colors, mobile functionality, pagespeed, security, photography, content display, etc.

IAL was a pleasure to work with, and we did everything in our power to make their vision become a reality. Among the so-called "non-standard" features that IAL requested was a tabs system to display information about the various animals they could accommodate and the services they could provide those animals. Built from scratch with JQuery, the tabs system reflects the main vision of both parties - simplicity.

International Animal Lounge workflow graphic

The cross-browser compatability of the International Animal Lounge site was integral, as it was assumed that many of their users would be accessing the site from older versions of Internet Explorer. We worked long and hard to ensure that users who are viewing the site on older browsers still receive an appropriate experience. Graceful degredation is the name of this game.

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