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The final website included in the Workforce Partner project. Jardeg CS was a little different than the rest, but still followed the same basic work-flow as the other sites: redesigned and rebuilt from scratch.

Jardeg iPhone layout Jardeg iPhone layout

The existing Jardeg site was built in an outdated version of the ASP programming language. After a full audit of the site, it was decided it would be inefficient to waste time modernizing it, so it was instead scrapped and rebuilt in a much more modern language: the ever-versatile PHP.

A fool-proof mobile version was very important to the management team at Jardeg. The concept of responsive web design was new to them, so we endeavored to guide them through the process and help them relay their vision for a new site to us.

Simplicity. That was the resulting goal. We set out to turn Jardeg's many pages of content into 7 well-rounded and concise pages which would tell the story of the company without overloading the user with unnecessary information.

The new site is clean and easy to use. It is image-driven with very few splashes of color. It performs well on all screen sizes and devices, and does a good job of directing users to the important content while refraining from distracting them with miles of text. Overall, a success.

jardeg tablet version layout
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