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OHS is a horse transport company based in Calgary. We partnered with them to redesign and rebuild their aging website, and launch it anew alongside an upgrade to their current SEO strategy.

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The old OHS website was built in WordPress and had suffered from a lack of updating, which caused it to perform slowly and inefficiently. The client acknowledged that the content was confusing and spread out, and that the site should be more focused. Together, we decided the best route was to scrap WordPress and start fresh with a static, responsive build. This included several rounds of picture taking with our fabulous in-house photographer.

The new OHS site included a complicated form which would enable users to input the details of the various animals they would like to ship without having to contact the main OHS office first. The dynamic functions of adding and removing animals from the list made for an interesting bit of programming on our end. We love the way the form feels, and we're happy with how it fits in to the new site.

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