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Radix helps companies design, develop, and optimize products and services across a variety of areas. This is a very cool company and in turn, a very cool website.

Radix had an existing website with more than its fair share of functionality and usability problems. Old, outdated code was done away with, and the site was taken off its deprecated content management system and replaced with a fresh, from-scratch build.

As an innovation company, they were looking for an innovative and cutting edge build. After quite a bit of back and forth, we landed on what we think is a pretty cool, fully responsive website with just enough flash to be visually attractive while remaining functionally efficient.

A need was identified for a complicated client-facing form with integrated dynamic parameters and the possibility for multiple attachments. Trial and error proved the best way forward for this, and we worked closely with management to ensure their needs and the needs of their clients were going to be met.

Radix was a delight to work with, and has even brought us back for a few more projects over the years.

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