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Specializing in real estate law, Reich provides a wide range of legal services. They had a clear vision for a new site and were a delight to work with.

Reich Law's existing website had been built several years prior to our collaboration, and while it had served its purpose up to that point, they had identified it as slightly out of date. We worked closely with them to hash out their needs vs their wants, and apply these to a fresh, responsive design with strong imagery and large blocks of content.

LG iPhone layout

Reich mortgage form Reich mortgage form

Together, we identified the submission of a quote request as the desired action for the user to take upon landing on the site. The quote forms required some arithmetic in the background to serve their intended purpose (and some trial and error along the way), but ended up working smoothly and effectively on all screen sizes and browsers.

This was a fun project with lots of back and forth. We learned a lot (like how a semi colon can ruin a weekend), and we are very pleased with the final product.

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