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Rheaume is a Canadian engineering firm with some very cool, progressive ideas. Management wanted to bring a fresh new look to an old, outdated website.

This was a very fun project; the team at Rheaume were bored with their exisiting web presence, and wanted to go in a new direction. They encouraged us to be creative with our design and implementation of the visual elements they requested, and were open to many new ideas we brought to them. They wanted something outside of the standard corporate structure, and we were happy to oblige. Enter css transitions and particle javascript.

While the visual elements were important, they needed to be implemented in such a way that allowed for seamless performance and effective usability. Complex visual elements can have a strong negative effect on site speed, and consequently lower the usability (and search engine rank) of a web page. We never compromise performance in the name of bells and whistles, and this was no different.

We highly suggest taking a look through this site and discovering how visual elements can add value to a website without taking away from its efficiency. You can even play classic snake, unless you're on a mobile device. Remember, usability > aesthetics.

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