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Smoke & Sow is legit the best Southern BBQ outside of Texas (and maybe inside too, never been to Texas). They're slingin' pulled pork and brisket in Whitehorse, Yukon.

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A close personal connection to this business made it an easy choice to jump on board with the development and promotion of a website, along with social media and search engine marketing campaigns, and promotional material like woah. The site was pretty straight-forward (though highly efficient and fun to look at), but the ongoing social media campaign is where it's at.

Check these guys out on Facebook and IG @smokeandsow

We helped Smoke & Sow's owners create and grow their social media pages from scratch to where they are today, and created and managed several dozen promotional campaigns in the two-year lead up to the truck opening. Management is ongoing, and the team is headed into their next season as one of the hottest spots in the Yukon (pun).

This was another project that included a trip to the physical location for.... uhhmmm..... quality control. We can safely say this is certainly the place to eat in Whitehorse!

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