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Sock Rocket is a sock of the month subscription program based in Canada. We worked very closely with them to plan, design, develop, and market their new take on an established concept.

Sock Rocket tablet version layout

For such a fun and quirky concept, we knew the website needed to look and feel very modern, but still be simple and easy to use. We spent a lot of time planning out the so-called "sales funnel" to help guide users through the relevant content and land them on the product page.

The Sock Rocket website required multiple layers of custom product and payment options, so we knew up front that we were in for some heavy JavaScript and PHP work. We decided to rely on a custom FoxyCart integration to handle the payment functions.

It was integral that the subscription process be very user-friendly and work well on any device. We decided to explore a "mobile first" method of planning and building the site, wherein the site would be designed for a mobile experience and then expanded on for larger screens, rather than the typical reverse method.

After much research into the best possible way to provide the subscription service to the user, we settled on the fewest number of clicks possible to complete an order. Sock Rocket launched in winter 2016, and has performed very well to date. Definitely one of our favorite projects yet. Love awesome socks? Get on board!

Sock Rocket iPhone layout Sock Rocket iPhone layout
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