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Technical Workforce Inc.

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TWI supplies skilled workers to the construction industry in Western Canada. We worked closely with them to design and develop a website to promote their business and enable prospective employees to apply for work.

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The ownership team at Technical Workforce Inc. needed a website that reflected their business goals: to provide skilled workers in compulsory and non-compulsory trades while maintaining a strong passion for quality and safety. While we at Syntax Era treat safety as a top priority also, our workplace is slighty less accident-prone than a major construction company's would be. We did, however, share TWI's passion for quality.

The most important feature of the TWI website was an applicant tracking system to allow prospective employees to find, navigate, and apply for jobs within the site. We worked hard to design and build a system that served two major goals: functionality and usability.

The system is simple and easy to use, and it certainly didn't hurt to make it fun to look at. Since launch the applicant tracking system and the website itself have performed very well and have made it possible for many prospective employees to apply for jobs at TWI.

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